View of the Alps360 ° Mont Mezenc

Mont Mezenc

Made up of a procession of domes and volcanic peaks, the Mont Mezenc massif draws the dividing line between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic

These cave dwellings that once served as refuges are visible through hiking trailsFortified wall in front of one of the caves

Grottes Troglodotyques de la Jaubernie

Troglodyte dwellings, populated since prehistoric times, they would have been fortified during the wars of religion in order to serve as refuges for the Huguenots. Some have kept their defensive apparatus from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Devesset lake and its vast leisure center will offer you all the charm of this regionThe lake allows swimming and boatingthe Lac de Devesset leisure center offers calm and relaxation on the shores of a 51 ha lakePlay areas for children around the lake

Lac de Dévesset

Located on the Haut-Vivarais plateau, the Lac de Devesset leisure center offers calm and relaxation on the shores of a 51 hectare lake surrounded by conifers.

Mont Gerbier de Jonc is a phonolitic protuberanceMont Gerbier de Jonc is famous for its particular shape and its extraordinary natural and wild wealth.its summit, culminating at 1,551 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking view

Mont Gerbier de Jonc

The famous Loire, whose route crosses France over 1,013 kilometers, takes its source in Ardèche, in the town of Sainte-Eulalie, at the foot of Mount Gerbier de Jonc. Several sources - the geographic source, the authentic source and the true source - join together to form the famous wild river.

To do absolutely: the ascent of Mount Gerbier de Jonc, a phonolitic city located on the watershed between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Accessible on foot in a short but steep climb of about thirty minutes, its summit, culminating at 1,551 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking view of the Ardèche mountains, the Rhone valley, the Cévennes and the Alps

a haven of freshness in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Monts d'Ardèchethe spectacle of waterfalls tumbling down the basalt columns.path in the undergrowth leading to the site requires good footwear and not to fear the stairs

Cascade du Ray-Pic

The Ray-Pic waterfall is a natural waterfall located in the town of Péreyres, in the Ardèche Cévenne, at an altitude of just over 1,000 meters. The waterfall has been classified as a volcanic natural site since 1931

the small Romanesque chapel has a squareIt is an easy-to-access observatory that offers visibility over 13 departmentsUnique site in Europe culminating at 649m, with 360 ° panoramic viewpoint

Saint Romain de Lerps

This site offers a panorama of 13 departments, it is one of the most grandiose in the Rhône Valley. Two orientation balconies are arranged on either side of a small chapel.

Soutron Rock offers a majestic panoramaAt the top of the Rocher de Soutron: the chapel of Saint Julien de Soutron built in the 17th century.The Soutron Rock is accessible by a climb

Rocher de Soutron

The Soutron Rock offers the visitor a sumptuous panorama after a 15-minute climb. A pilgrimage takes place every year at the beginning of August . At the top: the chaptel of Saint Julien of Soutron  built in the 17th century.

The Château de Chalencon is a feudal monument located in the hamlet of ChalenconThe granite village of Chalencon stands elegantly

Chalencon ‘Village de caractère’

This Gallo-Roman site enjoyed indisputable notoriety in the Middle Ages: vigil, then barony depending on the Poitiers family, this fortified village dominates the Eyrieux valley and the Vernoux plateau. Its strategic position had made it an enviable site, on the royal road n ° 4 which went from the Rhone Valley to Puy en Velay. The merchants took refuge in the shelter of its ramparts and commercial life was rife. During the troubled period of the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants, this site was taken and retaken several times.

Désaignes is an agricultural territory in this very hilly mid-mountain country, ranging from 300 to 1,100 meters in altitude.Désaignes fortress from the 11th / 12th century

Désaignes ‘Village de caractère’

Medieval village, listed in the historic monument inventory in 1972, Désaignes has kept some traces of its past.

Antraigues seduces with its sweetness of life and its southern atmosphereAntraigues seduces with its sweetness of life and its southern atmosphereAntraigues is a small hilltop village

Antraigues sur Volane ‘Village de caractère’

This charming hilltop village lives around its shaded square bordered by terraces and regularly occupied by passionate bowls players. This village of character is built on a basalt flow - it is also the village of Jean Ferrat.

Medieval houses appear as you walk through the alleys and passagesBeauchastel hangs on the side of a rocky outcropView of the village of Beauchastel

Beauchastel ‘Village de caractère’

Clinging to the side of a rocky outcrop, the old village of Beauchastel watches over the meeting of the Rhône and Eyrieux. Staged under the keep, it was like so many medieval towns protected by an enclosure that protected it from all danger.

Boucieu is a village of character with its typical houses of VavaraisBoucieu is in the Doux valleyBoucieu is located in the heart of a green valley

Boucieu le Roi ‘Village de caractère’

This village labeled "Village of Character", retains many vestiges of its past. It is an essential stopover for the curious traveler, it best reflects the quality of the natural and cultural heritage of the villages of the Doux watershed.

Tournon sur Rhône is above the Rhône opposite Tain-l'HermitageTournon-sur-Rhône is a beautiful village with its castle and terraced vineyardsa maze of cobbled streets invites you for a pleasant visit.

Tournon sur Rhône

Located at the foot of superb granite hillsides, Tournon is a lively shopping town. Shaded quays, the terraces of a castle vows and hilltop ruins make up a characteristic Rhone landscape.

shaded squares bordered by welcoming terracesWith its beautiful facades in pastel colors, Valence has kept the charm of yesteryearParc Jouvet with its 7 hectares of greenery and hundred-year-old trees


Dominated by its cathedral, the city is built on a set of terraces descending towards the river. Old Valence, surrounded by boulevards pierced in the 19th century on the site of the old ramparts, retains a network of shopping streets and picturesque "coasts", brought to life in season by the summer festivals.

The shop offers all products from the farm

The chestnut farm - Lamastre

Castanéiculteurs depuis plus de 7 générations, c’est à Lamastre au cœur de l’Ardèche que sont cultivés et transformés les fruits de montagne avec un amour particulier pour la Châtaigne d’Ardèche AOP.

The museum presents collector's items

The house of jewelry – Le Cheylard 

The house of jewelry invites you to discover the precious world of jewelry. Au Travers 8 exhibition spaces which integrate the most modern visual and interactive techniques and which reveal the secrets of the making of the jewel.

ValRhôna chocolate bars

The city of chocolate - Tain l'Hermitage

On 2000 m² dedicated to chocolate, during a gourmet stroll, you will discover all the secrets of chocolate making. 4 activities are offered: the tour, the restaurant area, the Gourmet school to discover pastry techniques and a 200m2 chocolate shop.

Little train for a visit in the vineyards

The little vineyard train - Tain l'Hermitage

Let yourself be told the story of the towns of Tain l'Hermitage and Tournon-sur-Rhône. Discover the famous vineyard as well as a magnificent view of the Rhône Valley through a very enriching commented walk

The Boutières ventograph

The Wind School - Saint Clément 

The Wind School offers activities for all audiences on the themes of wind and flight: workshops, shows, guided tours, themed evenings, nature outings, surprising meetings, walks, role-playing games, energy.

A stream in the garden of Pimprenelle

Landscaped garden - Alboussière 

1 hectare garden labeled "Remarkable Garden" in 2012, with more than 1,200 trees and shrubs including 600 different varieties. National collection of Gingko biloba in 2019. A harmonious marriage around stone constructions, ponds, streams ...

The chestnut is the emblematic fruit of Ardèche

The house of the chestnut tree - Saint Pierreville

The house of the chestnut tree invites you to discover the world of Ardèche chestnuts. It traces the history of a privileged relationship between the man of the Ardèche slopes and his "breadfruit".

The honey farm is an operation of 400 hives

Honey - Accons

Visit of the honey house from July 1 to August 31 (check the dates and days of the visit) - Honey (chestnut, acacia, all flowers, lavender, fir, rosemary, mountain), white nougat, gingerbread, walnuts, olive oil nuts, chestnut jam and beef.

On the archaeological site of Soyons are caves

Archeological site - Soyons

This site, occupied by man from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, represents, on 30 hectares, the largest concentration "known in France" of remains from all eras. Its privileged location on the edge of the Rhône and backing onto limestone massifs, at a crossroads of communication routes, has led Soyons to play a major strategic, economic and cultural role.

the Ardèche train is a miniature park

The Ardèche Train garden - Soyons

The Ardèche Train garden is a miniature park: on a giant 2800 m² model, the fruit of 25 years of passion, trains with sound pass through stations, tunnels and rivers among 900 bonsai trees and 1000 figurines. The Ardèche landscapes are faithfully reproduced such as the famous Pont d´Arc, Mont Gerbier de Jonc, Cascade du Ray Pic, Château de Crussol ...

Andaure's trout - Labatie D'Andaure - 26 kms

In a natural and preserved environment at the edge of the water, these are old béalières that have been transformed into fishing courses. You can fish, picnic, everything is arranged for your relaxation.

Sale of fresh chestnuts


From Saturday, October 16 to Sunday, November 14, 2021 (Dates to be confirmed) - From mid-October to mid-November, the heart of the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Natural Park beats to the rhythm of the “Castagnades”. In the heart of the villages, the Castagnades d'Automne bring together chestnut growers, artisans, artists, restaurateurs, and professionals in tourist reception. They meet to bring autumn to life in the Monts d´Ardèche and welcome visitors. And each year, the organizers imagine new activities around the fruit, its culture, its gastronomy but also around chestnut wood and its uses.

the Ardéchoise is a must-see cycling race


Next in June, 2022 - The Ardéchoise is the unmissable cycling event in June. With an average of 15,000 cyclists, it is Europe's leading mountain road gathering.

Hiking 'La Ballastine de caractère'

April, 2022 (TBD) - Two loops (21 km and 12 km) combining the Dolce Via, hiking trails and heritage - Departing from Lamastre, under the ruins of the fortress of Peychelard, passing at the foot of the castles from Retourtour, du Vergier, and Désaignes, in the heart of the village of character, you reach the Dolce Via.

Red fruit at the raspberry festival

Raspberry festival

1st Sunday of August in Nozières (to be confirmed for 2021)

Rodeo festival

Equiblues Festival

In Saint Agrève . Postponed to 2022 (from 11 to 15 August 2022) - shows and party with rodeos, western riding, ball and country music concerts - five days of celebration, associated with the wild beauty of the Ardèche highlands, constituting an exceptional event in Europe, a privileged meeting place for all lovers of majestic spaces, strong emotions, beautiful horses.

Blueberry sales stand

Blueberry festival

July 6, 2021 in Saint Péreyres - This small village in the Ardèche offers sale of fresh blueberries and an exhibition of floral art. Blueberries are blessed in the Saint-Régis church, before an aperitif in front of the town hall and a meal accompanied by a folk group. A living beehive is on display at the same time as a small local market is held with pottery, basketwork, honey, goat and sheep cheeses, sausages, wines ... After lunch, a giant blueberry tart is prepared before eating. be fired in a wood-fired oven. Refreshment and blueberry tasting round off the festivities, while children can take pony or carriage rides.

Blood sausage fair poster

Black pudding fair

November 20, 2021 in Saint Barthélémy-Grozon. It brings together several hundred amateurs every year. This animation showcases not only the blood sausage but also the local producers, artists and craftsmen with beautiful animations. It’s a festive day for family and friends.

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